Why Sri Lanka is the best travel destination for Senior Travellers

Posted on May 9, 2017

While crazy adventures as hiking, surfing and rafting are promised for those young fun loving travelers, Sri Lanka doesn’t hesitate in providing the ideal holiday destination for those seniors, who wish to relax and admire the beauties of the country. In 2015, Sunday Times UK ranked Sri Lanka as no.1 destination to travel.

Beach Choices here are just as vast as the beaches itself

Beaches in Sri Lanka are never disappointing. South is famous for its vibrant nightlife, trying out new cuisines and having fun but if you’re not the sunset gazing partying type you can always head up the East for a much calming, tranquil beach vacation. Arugumbay and Pasikudah are some of the best beaches in the whole world.

If you are searching for the best place to stay while you in the East, Jetwing Pottuvil is ideal. With its serene elite touch, and specialty in being an eco-tourism resort, the greened destination will melt your heart. The resort is a 5 minute drive from Arugumbay, How else could a trip be more perfect? Where else to get the perfect sun tan!

Balmy hills are the coziest

Beaches beautiful as Hawaii, cities urbanized as Singapore and highlands magnificent as England. Sri Lanka introduces you to various values around the island. The hill country is amazing. If you are searching for a cultural diversity, Kandy is the perfect place. But what captures hearts is the mystical land of Ella. A bit far from Little England, Ella is perfection itself.

Ella Jungle Resort is one of the most breathtaking hotels in the whole of Sri Lanka. Hidden in the midst of the dense Ella jungles surrounded by foamy waterfalls, this place spells peace in the most romantic way possible.

Paradise at Colombo

Where urbanization has taken a stroll, Colombo is the perfect nightlife embracing, shopping destination in Sri Lanka. Surrounded by chic shopping malls, modern restaurants and a diversity of food, you should never miss this out. If you are searching for souvenirs to take back home, Paradise Road and Lakmedura has the ideal collection with a cultural twist.

A delicious rice & Curry meal
A delicious rice & Curry meal

Bird watching and Wild love

As for those wildlife admirers, Sri Lanka is yet the perfect destination. Yala, Wilpattu and the ancient Minneriya are some of the vast wildlife national parks in Sri Lanka. With a high density of Leopards, Bears and mostly Elephants, Safari rides around the jungle would be awesome. Apart from the wilderness parks, Kumana, Bundala and Kitulgala are famous for exotic Bird watching.

Remember to go with a tour guide or through an agent, many wildlife park guides charge a very large amount for rides.

Top in Tea tours

World recognized for famous Ceylon Tea, Sri Lanka is still on the lead for the best aromatic leaves in the whole world. While in Sri Lanka, tasting tea is not the only heavenly thing you can indulge in, but watching the art of tea plucking, visiting a tea factory and having a warm glass of the freshest, aromatic tea you’d ever taste in your whole life. Don’t miss out this experience.

A fresh cup of Ceylon Tea with a view

Taste all the kinds you can and remember to pack up some quality Ceylon tea home as a souvenir.

Luxury Ayurvedic Spa’s for relaxation        

Sri Lanka is the home of Ayurvedic relaxation, mixing the traditional goodness of treatments with modern day comforts almost every spa in Sri Lanka provides that serene bliss to take the troubles away from you. Mixing aromatic oils, herbs and mastery will only get you relaxed, refreshed and re-charged for the new adventures.

History, Culture and the Pride of a Bygone Era

Interested in seeing the world’s oldest tree? Or the marvel of the lions rock? Yeah, Sri Lanka got it all. A well documented history dating back to the dates of Lord Buddha and an technology that went beyond the western civilization was proudly Sri Lankan. The best part is we know all those stories, myths and the legends that will keep you entertained and excited.

Dambulla Cave Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Dambulla Cave Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Entrance to the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, the Lions Paw
Entrance to the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, the Lions Paw

Golf away

Sri Lanka among the most things holds amazing golf courses in the world. In Nuwara Eliya, Kandy and Colombo you will play in courses built and developed since the British occupation in the country. The beauty, standards and quality will leave you mesmerized. Sri Lanka also has one of the oldest running Golf Tournaments in the world.

We Recommend

Take it a little slower while you’re in Sri Lanka, take your time to explore and get to know the country cause you’re gonna love it. Bring your favorite book so you could read by the beach just after your swim while working on your tan. Jump, climb and do water sports if you’re in the mood. Maybe a 14-21 day tour covering the entire island would be nice. Always remember, Sri Lanka never fails.

Sri Lanka the amazing island in the Indian Ocean awaits your tired feet. Take a tour with us and re-define what luxury is; check out our packages and give us a call on 1300 675 574 or email us at info@ananka.com.au to tailor make your tour. You’d be amazed at our standards of service.

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