Why Choose Sri Lanka

Why Chose Sri Lanka as your next travel destination?

Sri Lanka, a country blessed with beaches of brazen gold, cerulean oceans, opulent green mountain ranges jeweled with estates of teas, waterfalls and rivers flowing through. Being a country with multiple ethnics and religions, it is also home to a variety of fascinating cultural and religious events celebrated throughout a calendar year, most notable being the Esala Perahara in the city of Kandy, the festivities surrounding the Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrations, the highest religious festival of Vesak, where cities and villages alike are ignited with lanterns and bedazzling electrically-lit pandals locally called “Thoran” takes the center-stage, and the up and rising literary sensation The Galle Literary Festival in the heart of Galle.

Sri Lanka has a unique way of reaching your inner way-farer, engulf you with its natural beauty, may it be in the hills hidden in dense mist, or under the scorching suns in the beaches of Negombo away from the winter-cold dilemmas or amidst the busy streets under Colombo’s skyscrapers hunting for mouth-watering dishes, or among the ruins of ancient kingdoms dazed with a sense of awe as you witness how history and advanced engineering and architectural monuments has stood the test of time. There is never a dull moment in a trip to this island once called “Serendib” and had been the epitome of serendipity in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

Now is the right time to indulge yourself with the irresistible beauty of the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka, hailed as one of a kind travelling experience by experts across the globe, never miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the divine marriage of nature and culture. Bursting towering legacies and royal histories and a vast cultural heritage, lush green hills and misty mountain ranges, alluring cityscapes and coasts of golden sands and of course, smiling faces and warm hospitality to colorful and blissfully scrumptious cuisine, in Sri Lanka you are never too far from home, and as close to a paradise as you dream to be.

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