When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Posted on November 16, 2016

When was the last time you did something for the first time? 

Was a question me and my beautiful wife Shehana had been asking ourselves after over a decade of corporate life. Well, not that we were bored of what we did for we loved what we did for a living – Shaping the course of a company even in the slightest way possible was an amazing experience. Both of us clawed our way up the corporate ladder and held various positions and had a fair bit of influence in decision making. However, we always knew there was something more in us that we could and more importantly should explore.

It was when we were speaking to a friend of mine who wanted an itinerary to go to Sri Lanka that we realized we actually could do this for a living. We have travelled extensively in Sri Lanka and know a lot of amazing people who are involved in the industry so if we focus our two decades of collective corporate experience we should put together sustainable business model.

First step was getting a bit of research done and we quickly realized that Sri Lanka was on demand and a destination that many Australians like to explore; big tick. Then the biggest question was the name; well we realized the best way to portray our life partnership was to put both our names in the name so we took the last three letters from our names “ANA” from Shehana and “NKA” from Shivanka to form “ANANKA”. The biggest win of it all, the word actually means “Purity” in Marathi. Oh we have a good feeling about this now 🙂

The real beauty of a husband-wife partnership is you already know your strengths and weaknesses. So in our case it was no brainer; Shehana to look after Finance and Operations with her Accountancy background and I was to take care of Marketing and Sales functions. As a result of this we engaged Netsripes (www.netstripes.com.au) to build our website and I must say that they have done a fabulous job; as this is the feedback am getting from anyone who visit the site.

With all the pieces falling perfectly into shape we realized one thing and that is we automatically are focusing on one thing in particular and that is to create an amazing experience to our customer, perhaps this is owing to the fact that we simply want to treat everyone the way we like to be treated. We were having conversations with our suppliers in terms of how do we keep our customers safe during the entire experience, or how do we keep their data safe; so all in all we wanted to bring in the warmth of our humility. Have a look at our vison, mission and values at http://ananka.com.au/about-us/ you will find exactly what am getting at.

Ibn Battuta was spot on many many years ago when he said “Travelling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a Stroyteller”; and this is our story so keep tuned in as we take you on a magical journey to Sri Lanka to experience it’s exciting Wildlife, breathtaking culture & heritage, virgin beaches, misty mountains and many more. We invite you to collect moments with us!

I will write a series of short blogs to introduce you to Sri Lanka and it’s grandeur along with some scrumptious food and amazing things you can do there.

Till we meet again, stay blessed!

– Shiv –

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