Trincomalee and Virgin Beaches

Posted on April 27, 2017

As you reach up to the North east of Sri Lanka, the smooth roads get bumpy, leading you to a hidden pathway, letting you explore the greens before unveiling the stunning white sandy beach before your eyes. The city is known and loved by the whole world yet it possesses the most mesmerizing virgin beaches of the whole country.

Trincomalee is a fair 9 hour drive from urban Colombo. The ride could be a bit tiring, but the end result is never disappointing. The beautiful beach city offers not only relaxation but also mind blowing adventures such as Snorkeling, Whale and Dolphin watching and Scuba Diving.

Nilaveli Beach, the Mirissa of North

The alluring sun-kissed beach, Nilaveli is a beloved coast in the North east of the island. Due to its beautiful white-golden sand, this virgin beach is admired by many nature lovers. Southern beaches can be overrated during the seasons, why not head towards the north this holiday for a luxury beach experience, with a much laid back serene feeling.

Cattle on the shores at Uppuvelli

As you lay back in the shades at sunny Uppuvelli beach sipping a soothing king coconut watching the graceful waves, how surprising would it be to spot few cattle on the shores?

Cattle on hills would be normal, but at Trincomalee seeing cattle on the shores are just as normal as it is on the hills. And you’d get to see them making their way through the beach. Keep your cameras ready, for when the setting is perfect.Sri_Lanka_Trinco_Corals_Beautiful_Fish_Scuba_Diving

Adventures at Pigeon Island

The name suggestion is obvious, the island is surrounded by flocks of Pigeons, but here’s where all the adventure takes place. The eye-catching coral reef below the island is magnificent, and travelers arrive from every corner of the world to experience Snorkeling at Pigeon Island. The Shallow waters of this place makes Snorkeling just as exciting as taking a dive under the blues.Sri_Lanka_Trinco_Pigeon_Island_Snorkeling_Dive_

Apart from Snorkeling, this marine park is famous for Scuba Diving. The place ranks high on the list for safe diving. You can charter diving equipment and start your underwater expedition. Remember to keep an eye for Black tip reef sharks, they are said to be sighted here. Turtles are spotted abundantly as well and if you have an underwater camera, take a picture while swimming with the turtles.    Sri_Lanka_Fish_Scuba_Fish_Corals_Underwater_diving_Snorkelling

Miraculous Hot water springs

The wondrous hot water springs of Trincomalee is regarded as a magical fountain and believed to possess unique healing power. The place could be a bit crowded with locals. Yet experiencing something mysterious is worthy after all. Take a little bath at the Hot water springs on your vacation at North East.

Whale and Dolphin Watching   

Just as Whale watching is famous back in the Southern at Breathtaking Mirissa and Hikkaduwa. Annually during March to August, Dolphins and Whales arrive from over the oceans to the North East coast. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness these giants splashing in the vast waters off Trincomalee

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