Top 10 Adventures in Sri Lanka

Posted on April 21, 2017

Sri Lanka is the ultimate adventureland, where ideas take place, and dreams come alive. The pearl island offers a number of attractions, beginning from the laid back relaxing holiday vacation to adrenaline pumping adventurous discovering.

Are you ready for some real adventure? Then Sri Lanka is the most ideal destination to make your dreams come true. Check out these thrilling activities you MUST do while exploring Sri Lanka.

Hiking and Trekking

Hiking Over the mountains, passing through the misty highlands to come across hidden destinations are the real treasures of a vacation. Trekking along Knuckles range opens up vast Cardamom farms, exotic wilderness and Flora. Seasonal trekking on Adam’s peak is also a once-in-a lifetime experience, where you start climbing in the middle of the night so you could witness the sunrise at the peak and it’s nothing short of magnificent.

Hot Air Ballooning 

Sri_Lanka_Hot_Air_Balloon_AdventureDoesn’t the thought of riding on a hot air balloon tickle your mind? The romantic feeling 500 feet above the sky, when the morning mist surrounds the atmosphere with that cozy tenderness you see the whole world right below you… The feeling is incomparable. You can witness herds of Elephants gathering for their morning baths, peacocks proudly showing off their emeralds, as you fly up.

We also hear it’s a fabulous way to pop the question to your loved one to marry you; ahem ahem… with breathtaking views early in the morning in the company of the one you love, what could go wrong eh?

Rock Climbing

Climbing huge rocks, being the first of your folks to reach the top and watching the land below you as you conquer the mountain is the real feeling of rock climbing. Sri Lanka offers thrilling rock climbing experiences at Ella range, Habarana Mountains, the Great Sigiriya, Hortain Plains as well as adventurous waterfall rock climbing too. Don’t hesitate to find that fearless adventurous part of you this vacation.

Whale and Dolphin WatchingSri_Lanka_Whale_Dolphin_Watching_Adventure

Being a tropical island surrounded by vast waters, Sri Lanka is home to a number of unique fish. The gentle giants of the Indian Ocean arrives at Sri Lankan beaches, splashing in the waters, parading their beauties and skills. Mirissa, Hikkaduwa in the South coast and Trincomalee are some of the most famous destinations for Whale and Dolphin watching.

Scuba Diving

Tropical Sri Lanka is the perfect place for underwater diving. With its beautiful coral reef gardens on the southern coast and diversity of exotic fish, Sri Lanka offers unimaginable diving sites for adventure lovers. In Kalpitiya, Trincomalee and Ampara, divers have the rare chance of exploring under sea with Dolphins.


Surfers around the world gather in the magnificent island of Sri Lanka to experience some of the most brilliant waves in the whole world. Arugambay of the east coast and Hikkaduwa in the southern are well known for surfing. Doesn’t matter if you are a surfing expert or an amateur, the beaches are loved by everyone.

White Water Rafting

One of the most beloved adventurous activities in Sri Lanka is White Water Rafting. If you are fearless and ready for the real thrill, head up to Kitulgala for the best rapid waters you’ll ever experience. Remember to go on a canoeing adventure while on this white water ride, to create the best holiday experience.

Safari Adventures

An adventurous safari ride, never gets old. Climbing on a jeep with all cameras up and ready, eyeing for every shrub and bush, impatiently waiting to spot an animal. Sri Lankan wilderness offers all this excitement just for you. Yala, Wilpattu and Kumana are few of the wildlife national parks in Sri Lanka.

Make sure to get guidance from a tour company on a Safari to avoid spending loads of cash and also to get the perfect guide who would love to talk you through the behavior of the famous leopards.

Mountain Biking

This activity is very famous in the highland hill country of Sri Lanka. Cycling through lush tea plantations, Laughing your way as you try to balance the wheels on a bumpy pathway up the mountains. Mountain Biking is considered an adored adventure by many.

Wind Surfing

Who doesn’t love windsurfing? Tourists come to Bentota from all over the world to experience the best of windsurfing for beginners. Its mild waters are the most ideal for wind surfers. Hikkaduwa and the southern coast belt is famous for Wind surfing between November to April.

Sri Lanka, shaping it self to accommodate the thrill seeker and not just the sight seer is an absolute welcome to any traveler. Come and check out our packages that suit you and talk to us on 1300 675 574 or email us at [email protected] to see how we can give you a break from the ordinary.

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