To get the best air-fare to Sri Lanka

Posted on December 6, 2016

To get out of our beloved Australia is to ‘fly out for great lengths’ is one of the statements made by many travellers when I was at my research stage. Well it is sort of true when you really look at it as most destinations are at least 8 to 10 hours away.

I recently had to renew my Sri Lankan passport and all my attempts to have this issue sorted from Sydney outweighed the fact that I had to travel to Sri Lanka. Hence I was on the look out for the most cheapest way to get to Sri Lanka and boy was I in for a surprise.

I wanted to travel on the 1st of December and the search started on the 29th November, so as any person would do I hit almost all the cheap airfare sites such as skyscanner, etc… and only to find they were expensive and way out of my budget.

With a failed yet courageous effort I kept on looking for the cheapest airfare that I could find and I even was convinced that there could be nothing for a decent price and started looking for alternatives. I even looked at the very popular budget carrier AirAsia hoping to get a fabulous deal and that’s when I thought – “Why don’t I check with the source”..

With this new found wisdom I started to look for prices on major airlines such as Malasian Airlines, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines and Emirates… and I must tell that I wasn’t ready for the surprise that I was about to witness. Apparently they proved to be more cheaper even than the budget carriers, perhaps it was a last minute thing. So I ended up booking Singapore airlines as my carrier for this trip as they provided the luxury, comfort and the convenience that I was after and I didn’t mind paying a tad bit more for that.

On the flip side if you are on the lookout for the best prices you should start looking early, one of my clients actually got four tickets to Sri Lanka in July for just over AUD 2,000 on Air Asia through one of their promotions and the total flight times are quite decent as well.

So my take with all this is, plan your trip a bit in advance and don’t leave any stone unturned for you will not know what you might miss. Give us a call to plan your trip well in advance.

Till we meet again, stay blessed.

– Shiv –

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