Tips to Travel with Zero Waste in Sri Lanka

Posted on October 1, 2017

Going green is a world trend nowadays – a good one though. A green world is what we want, and the change begins with us. Let’s take our first step for a green-world. Make your travel trip to Sri Lanka the eco-initiative.

Since recent events and disasters, Sri Lanka has been paving its way towards an eco-land. Limiting Polythene-plastic usage and reducing waste to ‘Zero’. Below tips would be helpful for you to Travel with Zero Waste in Sri Lanka.

  • Green Packing

Zero waste starts all the way from packing. If you are flying to Sri Lanka for a weekend or have just started your research into Sri Lanka holiday packages from Australia, planning and packing up your whole wardrobe will not be needed. Your goal should be minimum waste, not maximum luggage in which half might turn into waste. Try packing solid or powder toiletries. They are easy, cheap and less messy. And reduce bringing unnecessary stuff such as too many beauty products, clothe dryers and perfumes.

  • Little Cotton bags

If you have a particular set of snacks that agree with your dietary condition and palette, bring them with you in a little cotton bag or you can find handy burlap bags which are reusable. You can have all your little travel needs tied up in one of these bags as well. Once again – It’s cheap and reusable. Who would say no?

  • Go Eco, Go E!

One of the best ways to not produce waste is by going E! Why use paper when you can have all your paper work on your electronic devices which is much efficient and eco. From your e-ticket airfare, to the good book you read through Kindle at the airport and the card you use instead of cash at a supermarket in Sri Lanka, going e is easier and less confusing for sure.

  • Reusable Water Bottles

By now you would already be aware of how the climate is in Sri Lanka. Carrying a water bottle with you at any instance is essential. It pretty much moves to the top of your ‘Sri Lanka Holiday tick list’. Rather than buying plastic mineral water bottles from supermarkets and stores, you can carry with you a reusable water bottle which you can fill up at restaurants or hotels at any place in Sri Lanka. This option is really cheap and a waste production of Zero! You can even take this bottle emptied in flight and the security check would be just as smooth as you would expect.

  • Dine in! Try the Local cuisine

One of the best Sri Lanka Travel experiences’ is the food. Unmistakably it is a plate full of Wonder. Let’s make sure we taste that plate in a plate itself. Dinning-in creates less waste as you don’t have to throw away plastic containers, polythene bags and packs. And what could be better than gobbling down a good Rice & Curry lunch at a traditional Lankan food spot? This way you can have a great Sri Lankan culinary experience.

  • Walk the Walk!

Walking creates a healthy life… and also an eco-world with leaving no carbon footprints on the earth. The best way to travel with Zero waste in Sri Lanka is to get your legs up and running. Make this Sri Lanka Holiday of yours the beginning of a waste-free travel journey.

  • Take the First Step!

It always begins with us! Let’s take the first step towards a zero-waste World! Let’s take the first step towards a zero-waste World! It wouldn’t hurt to carry few reusable water bottles and cotton bags along with you. And less packing makes it easier for you to travel without a load on your back. So set out to Sri Lanka with an eco-luggage and a heart full of adventure!

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