Sri Lanka – A quick getaway: by Ruhani Ibsan

Posted on September 9, 2016

We went to Sri Lanka in October 2014. Weather was nice, we had nice hotels, and the people everywhere were fantastic.

Just before, we had first gone to Maldives and stayed a couple of nights at one of those luxury beach resorts. So the expectation was already a bit high. But surely we were not disappointed.

Our stay in Sri Lanka was spread across three places: Kandy, Colombo and Negombo.

Kandy: very nice, in the middle of a mountainous setting, gives you a secluded feeling, boasts history and culture. There is an evening time cultural show at the church which is recommended

Colombo: a fitting capital, not nearly as crowded as we had thought (on a weekend though). We were at the Kingsbury hotel right at the heart of the city. The view from the top was superb, combining the city and the sea. Overall highlights were the authentic Sri Lankan dining experience at the backyard of a five star hotel called the Cinnamon Grand, visit to the very chic Dutch Hospital (which btw is not a hospital).

Negombo: a very touristy beach spot, with palm trees and nice stretches of sand. There is one central main road, on both sides of which you have mini restaurants and bars. The seafood was awesome. One must try the cuttle fish, with instruction to make it spicy. I remember the host at one of those restaurants being very nice and hospitable. Shame that I don’t remember the name.

Overall, Sri Lanka was a top notch experience. Just remembered: I still haven’t had a hopper ever since.