So what to expect when I go to Sri Lanka?

Posted on November 26, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Bandaranaike International Airport and when you hear that, you know that you are in for a treat and that you are just about to meet a set of people that just can’t stop smiling and can’t get enough of you.

Hospitality and Warm Welcome

Walking past immigration and customs, you will notice your name written on a board held by a neatly dressed man with a big smile. He will welcome you with warmth and hospitality that you could just fall in love with. Rest of the tour will simply make you feel like royalty.

“Ayubowan” is probably the most heard greeting you are going to get from Sri Lankans which means “May you live long”; and this will be followed by their hands coming together in prayer position to communicate respect.

Change is just a couple of hours away

Sri Lanka is a small country and you will soon notice that just a couple of hours of driving the character and the landscape change quite noticeably; be it a Cultural Tour or a wild-life tour or even a luxury holiday in Sri Lanka you are going to see the change in the backdrop.

Smiles, Smiles and Smiles…

Sri Lankans are very big on smiling with others, trust me we are! You will see the school children waving their hands and adults giving their warmest smile everywhere you go. Sri Lankans are a friendly bunch and are helpful too. So don’t hesitate to take a picture with them and have a chat; most Sri Lankans are bilingual and some in tourist hotspots speak many European languages.


You must have a cuppa and am sure you will fall in love with Ceylon tea, served in every nook and corner of the Island. My favourite is the “Kade Te” (Tea made in a shop), where they mix a very strong black tea with condensed milk and passed through a couple of glasses to mix it well… yum yum!

Luxury all the way

Sri Lanka is a heaven for the traveller looking for comfort and luxury with many hotel chains flocking into take the opportunity of this gorgeous island you always have options and the best part is Ananka Holidays know exactly where to get them.

There you go what to expect while you are in the magical island of Sri Lanka. If you like the sound of this amazing place and love a lot of smiling faces give us a shout on 1300 675 574 or email us at and we can arrange a luxury tour to Sri Lanka

Till we meet again, stay blessed.

– Shiv –

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