Say Thanks To Mum With The Gift Of Travel

Posted on May 12, 2017

Hey folks so what are your plans for this Mother’s day? Still lost between flowers or a gift?? Why not change plans a bit? She calls you her whole world, maybe this time take her across the world to show her that she’s your whole world.

If you are searching for the perfect destination, Sri Lanka could be your winner. With summer positively blossoming around the island during this time, Sri Lanka is the ideal holiday destination for your mum.

Bright and blissful Sun

As always, the Sri Lankan sun never disappoints anyone, unless the monsoon strikes with unexpected showers, but generally the sun rays are loved and adored. Every mum loves a bit of basking in the sun and getting a healthy tan. Take her to the East coast to avoid the South-West Monsoon. The golden sandy coast of Pasikudah is so breathtaking at sunrise.

Finding the perfect holiday home that faces the perfect scenic angle could be difficult during this season. So make sure you do all the planning on time.

Trying out Sri Lankan Cuisines

Sri Lanka is a vivid diversity of culture as well as food. You’ll never regret having a yummy Lankan meal. If you want to add a bit spice on this Mother’s day, take your mum for an authentic food adventure. Upali’s by Nawaloka is one of the yummiest hygienically topped authentic restaurants in Sri Lanka.

If she is in love with the food here, there’s also a little branch of Upali’s in Melbourne. You can always surprise her back home too.

Holiday Authentic Shopping

A shopping adventure is the biggest stress reliever. Remember to take her shopping while in Sri Lanka. You can find quality original Batik clothing and many other souvenirs to take back home at Barefoot, Colombo.

Maybe if you are planning a much pricy gleaming gift, you can always head to a jewelry store in Sri Lanka. Famous for the Royal Blue Sapphire, Sri Lanka has some of the most beautiful jewelries you’d ever find.

Ayurveda Wellness

Pamper your mum on her vacation. Ayurveda is one of the ancient yet effective relaxation methods. The special herbs and techniques used in composing this secret relaxing magic is magnificent. Spa Ceylon is the best spa treatment you can ever imagine in your whole life.  Take some of their products so your Sri Lankan moments can be treasured back home too.

Remember to introduce her to a warm cup of Original Ceylon Tea later. The experience stays eternal.

A Hunt for adventure

No vacation is amusing as a good old adventure. If Surfing and Hiking is not your mum’s cup of tea, you can always take her on a smoother adventure ride. Such as Hot air ballooning, visit to the Cultural triangle, the UNESCO World Heritages, tasting street snacks and having a great time.

How can we ever miss the Hill country? It’s always a mesmerizing ride up hill. Take your mum to the highlands, on a tea tour, maybe have a visit to the waterfalls. The perfect evening would be a boat ride in Gregory’s Lake, Nuwara Eliya.

Every day is Mother’s Day. Take your mum on a vacation she’ll never forget and Ananka Holidays has just the solution. Sri Lanka in 11 days with all the inclusions with especially reduced prices designed for your mum and dad, in-fact for the whole family. Take a look at the special offer or just call us on 1300 675 574 or register your interest.

Till we meet again

– Shiv –

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