Is Arugumbay the Real Surfer’s Paradise?

Posted on April 30, 2017

Located in the Far East coast of the island, embraced by sheer serenity, Arugumbay is a magical paradise. While the overrated South is being flooded with visitors on a daily basis, many have no idea about this hidden celestial destination.

There was a time that Arugambay was not accessible due to the civil war, in Northern and the Eastern part of the country, However times have changed, everyone now has the opportunity to explore every corner of the island. Arugumbay really should be one of your must visits on your travels to Sri Lanka.

These are some of the reasons why Argumbay is the real paradise.

Some of Asia’s Best waves

The Eastern coast, Arugumbay is believed to have some of the best waves in the whole world. The sunny sandy palm aligned coastline, mesmerizing turquoise waves tanning in the shores with a tropical cocktail is divinity itself. Surfers from all around the world arrive to this hidden destination to try out their skills. Arugumbay is one of 50 best surf spots in the world listed by CNN Travel.   


Hidden, Calm and Serene

What makes Arugumbay special is its serenity. The remote city is hidden away from the crowd, and the locals appreciate the sense of calmness that resides. The amount of distraction is very low, so surfers out there, there is no failing out in the sea, you can put your sole concentration on the waves.

Caramelizing sun rays

Not only in the East, but as a whole, Sri Lanka has some of the best sun rays. A journey to Sri Lanka always promises its visitors with a golden caramel skin glow. Who doesn’t want to look like a Greek God or Goddess? The Eastern sun at Arugumbay promises a perfect skin tan. While you tackle the waves, gain a caramel glow. But make sure to not bask in the sun too much.

Perfect waves for practice

While most surfing points around the island are rather suited for experienced surfers, Arugumbay is the perfect surfing paradise for learners as well as experts. Many visit here for body surfing, and practicing with the waves. Most surfers who visit Arugumbay, have already visited and is been lured in by the magnificent waves every season.Sri_Lanka_Arugambay_Sun_Sea_Sand_Woman_Surfer_Body_Boarding

Surfing Equipment on the spot

No need of packing up and dragging along the heavy surfing board while on your vacation. You can easily rent all the surfing equipment right at the town of Arugumbay. Not only the equipment, if you are struggling to learn how to surf, basic surfing lessons for beginners could be organized. All you have to pack up for your beach vacation is your enthusiasm.

Night is forever young

After surfing and tackling those tough waves, the day’s end could be a bit hectic with the muscle aches and weariness. But who has time to sleep when the night is forever young and calling you for fun? Hit the spa at sun down, with an Ayurvedic dose of natural traditional Ceylon ingredients, grab a chilled beer while you’re at it and all the energy will be restored just like that.

Arugambay awaits you to come and explore, so why wait? Check out our amazing Sun, Sea & Sand packages or call us on 1300 675 574 or email at for us to arrange your most memorable experience.

Till we meet again!


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