How to choose the perfect souvenir gift in Sri Lanka.

Describes a souvenir ideas in Sri Lanka, giving you a better understanding of what it is like to holiday to Sri Lanka
Posted on October 25, 2018

What’s a vacation without some adorable souvenirs to gift your loved ones when you go back home? Yes, we know, picking souvenirs could be hectic. Wondering which ones to present to whom and which ones to keep on display. Especially when you’ve just come on a holiday to Sri Lanka and there are so many varieties of memorabilia and gift options to choose from.

We can make it simple for you. In the end this is your holiday… and good memories matter!

Firstly, you should know what kind of gifts you want to take home. With that keep in mind whom you’re gifting to and lastly, your baggage capacity.

Traditional Display Ornaments

If you’re gifting a family, there are a variety of traditional display ornaments you can buy from Sri Lanka. For an instance the ‘Raksha Masks’. Every souvenir shop has Raksha masks ranging from fridge magnets, key chains to huge wall hangings. This art is originated from Ambalangoda, but you still can find perfectly carved crafts at Lakmadura and other souvenir stores located in Colombo.

Handmade Wooden Crafts

We all have that one family member or friend who happens to love wood so much. The most ideal gift for them from Sri Lanka would be a carved wooden elephant or a Buddha statue! The miniature versions come as paper weights, key chains and simple display ornaments. Some of these wooden carvings are studded with gems to give a more authentic look, ideal to gift for someone special.

Batiks and Clothing

Let’s say you’re gifting a fellow traveler or a fashionable young spirit who loves social media and exploring cultures. Batiks and traditional Sri Lankan clothing would be perfect as they would actually wear them and not have it stored in the wardrobe till they fade. You can easily find traditional batik sarongs, Sarees in Barefoot and other souvenir shops in Colombo.

Tea and Ayurveda Wellness

This is the perfect gift for anybody. When it comes to tea, Sri Lanka produces the most aromatic cuppa in the world. It’s always a good idea to pack up some tea on your way back home from Sri Lanka, along with some traditional wellness products which would complete your gift pack. Believe it or not, Sri Lankan ‘Ayurveda’ is a world recognized ancient eco healing and relaxation concept that revitalizes one’s body. You can easily purchase Ayurveda wellness gift products at Spa Ceylon and even get yourself a soothing session on your way.

Gems & Jewellery

The most valuable and loving gift you could present somebody is Gems. Sri Lankan gems are to die for! Especially the Blue Sapphires and Rubies. If you’re gifting someone special in your life, you could take time to learn about gems and buy a dazzling treasure of their desire. Ratnapura is famous for gem mining and lapidaries. Just take a little bling adventure for yourself.

There you go! Now picking the Perfect Souvenir gift wouldn’t be a hassle at all. Planning to travel to Sri Lanka next holiday? Here are some worthy Sri Lanka holiday packages from Australia. Book your next vacation and discover Ceylon!

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