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Historic Excursions

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6 nights / 7 days

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  • Our representatives will welcome you at the airport on your arrival. You will then be taken to Kandy one of the most historic cities in Sri Lanka. On your way will take you to “Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage” one of the most uniquely Sri Lankan experiences you are bound to enjoy.

    • Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

      Established in 1975 by the Department of Wildlife Conservation of Sri Lanka and located northeast of the Kegalle town, Sabaragamuwa province, Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage is used for feeding, nursing and providing sanctuary to orphaned baby elephants and disabled, displaced adult elephants, most famous among them being Raja the Blind Tusker. Large number of local and international travels visit Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage to see elephants in their natural habitats, the major attraction being the observing of the elephants bathing in the Oya River adjoining the orphanage.

      Then we will take you to your Hotel in Kandy, where you can unwind and indulge your selves with some mouth watering cuisine.

  • Today your first destination would be to the Hill side of Sri Lanka “Nuwara Eliya” the misty cold mountains covered in famous “Sri Lankan Tea Plantations” and what better way to emabark on this scenic journey than the” train” this journey is bound to take your breath away.

    • Train ride to Hatton

      This is a one of a kind experience, where you get an opportunity to travel in one of the most iconic trains in Sri Lanka on a special observation Gallery, devoted to give your eyes and spirits nothing but pleasure alone. The train will take you through the most breath taking views across the sloping green hills carpeted with endless floors of tea plants, and breathtaking views of picking tea leaves in multi colored attire. This journey is certainly one not to be missed.

      Next you will journey to Nuwara Eliya by car embarking on yet another scenic journey driving you through the lush green tea plants. What better way to experience the magic of the misty mountains.

    • Nuwara Eliya & Tea plantaion

      Sri Lanka has always been famous for its Tea. The divinity of the taste it carries has been loved by many. So is the tea plantations and factories with remarkable historical values. The tea plantations is the pride of Sri Lanka’s hill country, the scenery of green rivers of tea plants are not only the perfect picture to capture but also a sight to behold. This historic industry has produced some of the best vacation memories infused with treasures of knowledge all in the form of tea factories and plantations. You will get this incredible opportunity to not only visit these places but also share insights and knowledge with a visit to a tea plantation and a factory.

      Then you will head forward to a spectacular waterfall and city tour, you will experience nature at its best, words will not justify the majestic beauty these mountainous beauties uphold.

    • Waterfalls and city tour

      The north central province of Sri Lanka is home to number of waterfalls with a beauty of their own. Local and foreign travelers would never miss a chance to take a little hike and see beautiful glistening white waters raining down a high slope that makes for a stunning picture-perfect moment.

      A town reminiscent of a Little England which had thus earned the title due to the ancient buildings, cottages, bungalows demonstrating Victorian style of architecture, Nuwara Eliya is the ideal romantic hideaway set against the backdrop of mountain ranges spread towards the horizon, and valleys of natural beauty, silvery shinning waterfalls decorating the hills drowned in evergreen tea plantations. At the heart of the town is Victoria Park, the beloved picnic spot famous for quality relaxation times closer to nature and seasonal bird-watching.

      Final destination for the day to one of countries proud agricultural gems

    • Peradeniya Botanical garden

      Just about 5.5 kilo meters from the City of Kandy is the Royal Botanical Gardens, the 147-acre garden with nearly 4000 species of plants. The garden is managed by the Division of National Botanic Gardens of the Department of Agriculture of Sri Lanka and attracts millions of visitors annually. Here is the place to spend a fantastic day among shades of giant trees, radiance of thousands of flowers and immerse yourself in the nature under clear blue skies.

      Ending yet another amazing day you will head to your Hotel in Kandy where you can unwind over divine luxury and mouth watering delicacies.

  • Third and another exciting day on the tour would take you to a few more spectacular destinations leaving you with nothing but awe and sheer admiration and love for this gem of an island. First stop would be to the ‘Temple of the tooth relic’

    • Temple of the sacred tooth relic

      Sri Dalada Maligawa or The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, requires little to no introduction in terms of its distinction. Long hailed as the center of country’s Buddhist faith, this venerated 17th century sacred palace attracts thousands of local and foreign tourists and pilgrims each day. Adjoining the Kandy Lake at the center of this prestigious city, be it for the Esala Perahara, the 10 day dazzling parade with hundreds of Elephants in bright drapes, fire dancers, torch-bearers, acrobats and drummers, that enlightens the Kandy city nights every year, or the religious festivities, the architectural and historic eminence, and the constant scent of incense, Sri Dalada Maligawa continues to be one of the top tourist attractions in the country.

      Next stop and nothing short of colonial Is touring around this famous city “Kandy” all about heritage all about beauty, one of the most beautiful cities where culture and heritage comes alive

    • Kandy city tour

      The city of Kandy is the second largest city of Sri Lanka after Colombo. Surrounded my mountain ranges and a proud history, the city is lively from the first light of the day till late long in to the night. During this city tour we will be passing the Bogambara Prison built in 1876 during the British rule which is also the second biggest prison complex in the country, noted for its archeological and architectural significance. Other locations include the Peradeniya University of Sri Lanka situated at the lower slopes in the famous Hanthana Mountain Range evoking splendid scenery and also closer to the Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden. The tour doesn’t end there, the city is home to other interesting locations as well, the busy open air market (locally called “Pola”) is a place where you can enjoy local street food, the Pillaiyar Kovil, Kandy Clock Tower, Old Lawyer’s office complex also the Neo-gothic style church of St Paul’s built in 1848. Touring the city of Kandy, where the presence of the historic Sri Dalada Maligawa and the Bogambara Lake at the center of the town, is always an experience the like of which no town elsewhere in the country can evoke.

      We will take you to your hotel in Kandy, and help you relax to a calm and mellow evening with a sensuous touch of luxury, May be its time for that book accompanied with a cup Ceylon tea.

  • Fourth morning on this beautiful Island, with more surprises awaiting to be unraveled, first stop would be to the spice Gardens one of the most unique Sri Lankan experiences that goes without saying would certainly bring you a step closer to embracing this amazing culture. Followed by this would be a tour to Nalanda Gedige which will leave you amazed by the intricate and advanced ancient architecture.

    • Spice gardens and Nalanda Gedige

      Spice Gardens - Sri Lanka during the historic times has been widely famous for its spice trade between the Greeks, Romans and Arabians. These spice gardens offer tourists a unique experience of seeing the spice plantations, Ayurveda medicine and gather knowledge of them from expert vendors and professionals.

      Nalanda Gedige - Built between 8th to 10th centuries resembling a south Indian Hindu temple is one of the earliest stone buildings in Sri Lanka. The site is well known for its surroundings with a range of birdlife and the richly decorated façade sections with tantric carvings, the only such in the country.

      Then you will journey through to a Batik Factory, one of most ancient form of crafting existed in Egypt in the 4th century BC, and only practiced in a few places certainly would be one of a kind.

    • Batik Factory

      The batik industry has always being a standout experience for visitors in Asia as well as in Sri Lanka, showcasing the creativity of individual designing batik clothing and materials, they can be used for cold nights in the hill country or shorts and comfy shirts for a nice day in the beach. This will give you a great opportunity to see the birth of these household products during a visit to the Batik factory we are offering with our packages.

      Then you will journey through to the final destination of the day the “Dambulla cave Temple”

    • Dambulla Cave temple

      Towering 160 meters over the surrounding plains of the central part of Sri Lanka, and included in World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1991, Dambulla Golden Temple is revered by pilgrims, historians, travel enthusiasts and archeologists and remain a splendid example of the cultural heritage the country has always mothered. The temple is highly often considered to be the world’s most acclaimed complex of Buddhist arts and craft due to the magnificent paintings and statues of Buddha dating back to 2nd century BC. This spectacular site consists of 5 caves with varying sizes and incomparable splendor, the largest measuring 52 meters from the east end to the west and 23 meters from the entrance to the back. With hundreds of statues preserved to its former glory and thousands of murals covering, approximately 2100 square feet, the walls of these caves, image of Buddha, great kings and famous Gods and depicting the celebrated events of the history such as Buddha’s first sermon, in here history and pride tugs at the senses of the explorer you are.

      To unwind and relax for the day you will then head towards your Hotel in Sigiriya. With the right amount of luxury and perfect balance of spice you are sure to call this place a luxury escape.

  • Fifth Day and there are more amazing experiences lined up just the way you like, be ready to be amazed this tiny Gem of an Island has so much more to offer.

    Fist stop for the day would be a visit to the “Sigiriya Rock”

    • Sigiriya Rock

      The literal castle in the sky. Located in the central province of Sri Lanka surrounded by forested plains, Sigiriya is one of country’s most visited tourist attractions heralded by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 1982. Built over a 1600 years ago, this 660-ft rock fortress, used as a capital by King Kashyapa derives its name from the splendid structure of a Lion that marks the entrance. The climb to the top of the rock is worth 1200 steps and on your way you will witness the infamous frescoes and once your reach the summit you will enter the majestic ruins of the Sky Palace. To visit the Sigiriya Rock Fortress is to catch of glimpse of an era beauty and grandeur and experience with your eyes one significant examples of ancient urban planning.

      Next would be a journey to the illustrious ancient city of Polonnaruwa

    • Polonnaruwa city

      The illustrious ancient city of Polonnaruwa is another landmark which is guaranteed to make your trip Sri Lanka a unique one. Polonnaruwa is the second most ancient of the history of kingdoms in the country. Also listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, The remains of this eminent kingdom still continues to dazzle explorers and archeologists from both locally and internationally. The glorious statues of Buddha in Gal Viharaya, the sublime architectural brilliance of the ruins time had failed to wipe away and the rippling waters of the Parakrama Samudraya makes Polonnaruwa a must-see during a visit to Sri Lanka.

      Ending yet another amazing day you will head to your Hotel in Sigiriya where you can unwind over divine luxury and mouth watering delicacies.

  • 6th day is devoted to take you to the “wild side” of Sri Lanka. The adventurer in you is bound to find this experience an enormously joyous one.

    • Safari in Minneriya National park by 4x4 jeep

      Minneriya national Park, located closer to Polonnaruwa city and spread over an 8890-acre is renowned for its tropical monsoon climate and undoubtedly one of the largest gatherings of Asian Elephants, this large herds of wild elephants are seen migrating during the dry season to the Minneriya Rainwater Reservoir adjoining the park. This safari is guaranteed to make for picture-perfect travel experience mixed with adventure as you cruise through the heart of a nature in its untouched raw beauty.

      Time to rest your tired feet. Let’s get you to the hotel, have a hearty meal and get some rest.

  • Final day, which will mark the end to this amazing scenic journey, we are sure this experience left you nothing short of expectations but an amazing footprint of culture and heritage in your travel diary.

    Here we bid farewell driving you to the Airport until we see you again!



      Accommodation in double rooms on Half board basis
      Tour starts with Dinner on day 01 ending with breakfast on day 7 at hotels specified or similar categories.
      Transport in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
      Service of an English speaking chauffeur up to 6 pax and Service of an English speaking national guide 7 pax onwards.
      Nonalcoholic Welcome drink at arrival in each hotel
      Entrance fees mentioned above


      Video Camera and Still Camera visiting different sites.
      Cost of beverage throughout the tour.
      Lunches during the tour
      Expenses of a personal nature.
      Any other services not specified above.


      Between 7 and 0 days - 100%
      Between 14 days and 8 days - 75%s
      Between 21 days and 15 days - 50% cancellation charge.
      Between 22 days and 30 days - 25% cancellation charges
      Above 31 days - No cancellation charges provided no commitment or advances are made to 3rd parties.


      Rooms will be provided on availability at the time of confirmation & if the mentioned hotels are not available at the time of confirmation a similar category hotel will be provided from the same area with a prior approval of the guest.

  • Accommodation in double rooms on Half board basis
  • Tour starts with Dinner on day 01 ending with breakfast on day 5 at hotels specified or similar categories.
  • Transport in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
  • Service of an English speaking chauffeur up to 6 pax and Service of an English speaking national guide 7 pax onwards.
  • Nonalcoholic Welcome drink at arrival in each hotel
  • Entrance fees mentioned above

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