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Posted on February 3, 2017

One of my main highlights of the trip to Sri Lanka in December was to experience firsthand, some of the unique experiences that we plan to offer in 2017 and one such amazing experience was the cart ride.

This was part of a 2 hour Village trek I did and the ride lasted for about 20 mins and what’s unique about this experience is that it allowed me a chance to step into an era or most importantly a way of life of the common Sri Lankan villager. With modern times this mode of transportation has died and it is highly commendable that such services at such excellent levels are existent today.

These carts provide an un-rushed ride, during which you can take in the beautiful surroundings of the village. I was able to have a chat with “Mahatun” my rider and the owner of the cart as I swayed from side to side rhythmically to the wonderful leisurely pace and style he decided to manoeuvre the cart.

I was able to understand about the way of their life and how their day to day life progress and it was astonishing to know how simple their lives still are. The bonding they have with the village, it’s animals, the river that flows and the life that revolves around the village temple is just remarkably uncomplicated. To top all that the incredible melodies provided by the birds who are resting on trees were just fascinating.

Usually the Sri Lankan villager who does farming for a living consider the cow to be sacred as such these animals were also very well looked after. They are well fed, groomed and given adequate rest before a ride. Usually during the time of harvest, the cows are taken to the paddy fields and allowed to help in the process.

The uncomplicated needs and the pure desire to take a few guests around his village with a bit of pride on his cart gives “Mahatun” the motivation to do this everyday. You know how happy he feels when you see the broadest smile on his face when you just say how amazing that ride was.

So next time when you want to get a break from the routine holiday and when you really want to get a taste of the local life, Ananka Holiday is ready suggest a few options. Go ahead give us a call on 1300 675 574 or email us at for some free information.

Till we meet again, stay blessed!

– Shiv –

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