Security FAQ

Is Sri Lanka safe to travel to?
  • The country ended a 30 year long civil unrest in the year 2009. Since then there were no bombings, terrorist activities or any kind of war in the country. So yes, Sri Lanka is very safe to travel at this stage.
Civil Unrest and Political Tension
  • There have been a few protests in the capital, however none has affected tourists or travellers. Only instance of concern is if you want to be a part of these demonstrations as the authorities can deport you if you act out-side of your visa conditions
Civil Unrest and Political Tension
  • There have been a few incidents reported on pick-pocketing and bag snatching. However they have occurred to tourists that travel without proper knowledge of the land. You will be travelling wiht a guide and who knows the country very well and he will know how to keep you safe and advise you what needs to be done to be safe.
  • We also encourage you not to engage with suspicious characters who may offer you cheap booze and other substances (drugs etc…) as this will put yourself in danger.
Note – Most of the reported incidents has risen as tourists have put themselves in danger by opting to indulge in illegal activities such as drug usage or illicit alcohol purchase etc… It is also the travellers responsibility to ensure that they do not engage in such activities that will put them and their fellow travellers at risk

Visa/Travel Documents FAQ

Do I need a visa to enter Sri Lanka?
  • As of 2012, all Australian/New Zealand/British passport holders entering Sri Lanka requires to obtain an entry authority (Please note this is not a visa).You can apply for this by yourself by visiting http://www.eta.gov.lk/slvisa/. If you would like us to take care of this for you, just let us know we will do this for very small processing fee. Anyone holding the ETA will be granted VISA on arrival
What is the maximum duration I can stay in Sri Lanka?
  • The maximum duration as a tourist entry is 30 days. However if you wish to stay longer you can apply for an extension. This will incur an additional cost. please consult the nearest Sri Lankan consulate for further information.
Do I need to obtain travel insurance?
  • While we at Ananka Holidays strive our best to take care of you, unexpected events may occur. Therefore it is highly recommended that all our tour participants obtain a travel insurance that provides you adequate cover. Talk to us and we will be glad to assist you with this.

Travel Related FAQ

Is it safe to bring Kids along on the trip?
  • Yes, Sri Lanka is a family friendly destination. We can help you find the best tour package for your entire family and include plenty of child friendly activities.
What is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?
  • Well, Sri Lanka is a round-the-year destination, however we try to avoid the monsoon rains and the areas that they impact, so you can have a great time undisturbed by the weather. We recommend:
    • West and South Coast: Best during October to May
    • East Coast during: Best during February to September
    • Cultural Triangle – Best throughout the year
    • Kandy & The Tea Country: Best through out the year
What should I wear?
  • Being closer to the equator, Sri Lanka is quite a warm country. So we think you best bet would be cotton clothes, however you will need light woollens for the hills and perhaps some waterproof clothing
  • When visiting religious sites, make sure that you are dressed appropriately. Usually clothing below knee length is what’s considered appropriate in religious sites.
  • Most importantly wear whatever you are comfortable in, just be a bit conscious of the traditional and cultural values of the Sri Lankans
Can people in Sri Lanka speak English?
  • Certainly, Sri Lanka is a country that has been exposed to Tourism for quite a long time. You are sure to find a Tuk-Tuk driver or a street vendor who will have a conversation with you in English quite comfortably. If they can’t fully understand you, they will ensure that they find someone who can and help you.
  • All of our guides and most of the hotel staff are well versed in English so don’t worry
  • Also, if you have a different language requirement, like Mandarin, French, Italian etc… just let us know when you are booking we’ll try to find a guide who speaks that language. It may cost you a bit extra.
Should I tip anyone?
  • When you book your tour with us we take care of all the necessities, however it is more customary and considered good will when you tip someone:
  • As a general guide around Rs. 100 (AUD 1/=) may be the minimum expectation, however is not necessarily compulsory
  • Our guides have informed us that they were tipped various amounts, while it is not necessary, it usually is depends on how he was able to serve you and how happy you are at the end of the tour
Can I use my mobile phone in Sri Lanka?
  • Well you could always have International Roaming activated with your current service provider or else you could purchase a SIM card from Sri Lanka which will be cheaper. However note that you may not have coverage across the entire island.
Can I bargain when buying something?
  • Of course you can and we encourage you to do so as this is part of the experience. However be aware you are not allowed to bargain on shopping malls or other established businesses. Having said that if you see a bazaar and happen to see a batik dress or a nice straw hat, go nuts
What is the currency used in Sri Lanka?
  • It is Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR), usually you will get anything up of LKR 100 for every AUD 1, we recommend you check current exchange rates.
Can I take photos of all the attractions I will be visiting?
  • Yes, Sri Lanka is a picturesque island and it will be a crime if you didn’t click a photo or two. There are a couple of restrictions though:
    • Usually you are not allowed to take pictures that may dishonour religious artefacts (climbing over, hugging or indecent posing with statues/murals etc..)
    • Using flash-photography at important artefacts or murals
  • If you have any doubt, check with your guide and he will tell you exactly what you are not allowed to do
What can I bring into Sri Lanka?
  • You are allowed to bring in 1.5 litres of spirits and two bottles of wine; however we recommend you visit www.customs.gov.lk for more information on what you are allowed to bring in
  • Sri Lanka has very strict laws on importing, so be careful not to bring in contrabands of any kind. For more information on what you can bring in visit www.customs.gov.lk
What can I bring out of Sri Lanka?
  • Sri Lanka has very strict laws with regards to exporting of Flora/Fauna, Antiques etc… please check with relevant authorities before planning to bring anything out of Sri Lanka
Can I drink tap-water while in Sri Lanka?
  • Usually tap-water is treated and supposed to be clean, however we recommend not to take a chance as there can be many water borne diseases
  • Our guides keep mineral water bottles and will provide them as and when you need. Hotels usually provide complimentary mineral water bottles and at restaurants you can purchase them at a very reasonable price.
What type of accomodation can I expect?
  • Ananka Holidays is a comfort oriented tour operator, so your comfort and luxury matters to us. So we only offer 3 Star and above accomodation for you. You have the choice in getting a 3 Star, 4 Star or 4.5 – 5 Star accomodation based on your requirement and budget
What’s included in the tour?
  • Usually a tour includes accomodation, transport, airport transfers (In Sri Lanka), certain meals (different for each tour package), entry fees into attractions/ venues, and English speaking chauffeur guides.
  • We will have specifics under each package, if you are unclear of anything please talk to us before booking or paying
Will I have to use public transport in Sri Lanka?
  • This is a Yes and No situation,
  • Yes: Some Packages are planned with a train ride to give you that extra feel of the country life and some are planned with a short ride in a bullock cart giving you how it feels to be in a village
  • No: we will not take you everywhere in a bus or a train. We will provide you with comfortable air-conditioned vehicles to suit your travel party. After all you are not backpacking with us
Will I be picked from the airport?
  • Certainly, your guide will pick you up from the airport with a big smile
How can I pay?
  • We want to ensure your information is kept secured at all times. Especially your financial information, hence we only accept Paypal payments. You can pay us through your Paypal account or pay as a guest. With Buyer protection you may even be refunded if something goes wrong. For more information please visit www.paypal.com
What is your Cancellation Policy?
  • We understand that things can change unexpectedly and love to be as flexible as possible. Unfortunately we also make a few commitments with our suppliers to ensure your experience in Sri Lanka is unflawed such as making a booking for your Transport, Tour Guide and Accomodation immediately after your confirmation. As such the following charges may apply:
  • Between 7 Days – 0 Days of tour start: 100% Cancellation Charge
  • Between 14 Days – 8 Days of tour start: 75% Cancellation Charge
  • Between 21 Days – 15 Days of tour start: 50% Cancellation Charge
  • Between 30 Days – 22 Days of tour start: 25% Cancellation Charge
  • Above 30 Days of tour start: 10% Cancellation Charge

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