Find out the best time to travel to Sri Lanka

Posted on November 22, 2017

Every destination has a season where the particular place is at its best in terms of climate, festivity, celebrations and safety as well. Are you planning a trip to Sri Lanka but worried if it’s the perfect time for a vacation? Great! Here’s a little research we did on the best times and reasons to visit to Sri Lanka. It’ll surely be handy for you for the next holiday!

The first fact to know about Sri Lanka’s weather is that one can never come to a correct conclusion about it. One minute it’s hot and humid and the next the roads are flooding with rain! So it’s better to be prepared for both.

December to April

Winter never arrived here, but it’s like Santa brought something else more interesting! Sri Lanka from December to April is the perfect most ideal time for a vacation. You can explore the entire country and worry the least about being affected by climatic changes or seasonal illnesses.

Hill country including Nuwara Eliya during this time is perfectly cozy, cold and relaxing but if you want a getaway from the locked up hills, the southern Sun, Sea and Sand will welcome you with holiday-istic generosity at any time! Surfing, snorkeling or even partying is at its best in here and if you are in the mood for some wilderness adventures you are in for a wild treat as Yala national park is fairly close by. Did you know that Yala has the highest Leopard density in the whole World?

May to Mid-July

This is the South-West monsoon season, so it’s healthier to steer clear from the Southern sides of Sri Lanka, just to be safe from catching a common cold or a seasonal flu. But then again, if you have got your flu shots done before the holiday, you need not to worry about anything!

In fact, you can make use of this season to discover the best of other parts of the country as well. Maybe head to the North Central or dare to conquer the Sigiriya fortress or set off on a historical tour in the Cultural Triangle. You can also go on a safari tour to Minneriya national park where herds of mighty giants gather to drink and bathe in the lakes. For an expanded adventure bucket list, even the East coast is sunny and available during this season!

Mid-July to September

Once again the whole country is back on track! Sri Lanka in August is a worthy holiday investment for Australian Winter. The Southern is bubbly and alive, the highlands are cold and cozy and the north east is sunny and clear as usual, making it the perfect Sri Lanka Holiday choice. Did you know that Kandy Esala Perehera falls in July and the highlands are at its best? Plus that, maybe a traditional hill country tea tour would be ideal, you can hike up the hills or ride a bike and explore rivers-mountains. Besides, a good old cuppa is a great mood fixer too!

Here you go folks! It looks like Sri Lanka is all yours to explore all year around! There are so many reasons to visit Sri Lanka apart from the usual beach holidays and hills. If you are watching out for Sri Lanka Holiday packages from Australia, you’ve come to the right place! Keep it up and ready for a healthy holiday to start the year

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