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Posted on May 23, 2017

Dubbed the pearl of the Indian Ocean, this tear drop Island is located just below India and boasts the richest culture, heritage and bio-diversity that the world could ever see. It’s history spanning across 2500 years and further enriched by The Portuguese, The Dutch and The English traditions & cultures has made this magical Island nothing but inviting for the world to witness a bit of glory in every nook and corner.

Make your vacation to Sri Lanka worth the time and money. It is indeed a beautiful country, but as it is a foreign land for its tourists, it wouldn’t be easy in finding those exact mind blowing destinations all by yourself for much of it is hidden. With the help of Ananka Holidays, you can now have that promising luxury Sri Lanka experience in absolute peace of mind and safety.

All our packages and itineraries are planned very carefully focusing on the traveler experience and some of our packages include

Scenic Colonial

With a history that dates back 2500 years in past, Sri Lanka proudly presents its historical charms and colonial beauty whole handedly. Still standing ruins of ancient kingdoms as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Western Victorian bungalows and holiday homes are nestled in and around the Cultural triangle and hill country. With the help of Ananka Holidays, you can have the perfect satisfying tour off Scenic Colonial Sri Lanka.

Sun, Sea and Sand

One never gets bored with beaching holidays. The island is surrounded by the best beaches such as vibrant Hikkaduwa, Mirissa and serene Arugumbay. However coastline is not the only place worth the visit. With Sri_Lanka_Sun-Sea_Sand_Ananka_Holidays_Ultimate_Luxury_Island_ParadiseAnanka Holidays Sun, Sea and Sand, you have the privilege of visiting all the surrounding wilderness, hidden eye catching des
tinations and creating wonderful memories with no hassle and stress.

Wild Sri Lanka

If you are an adventure seeker interested in Wilderness, Sri Lanka is the ideal destination. The green sites are widespread around the country, planning all the visits by yourself could be quiet exhausting. Ananka holidays presents you Wild Sri Lanka,Sri_Lanka_Wild_Ananka_Holidays_Adventure_Yala_Elephant_Family_Baby_Playing_Bath_Timethe perfect customized tour packages including the finest hotels and the most famous wildlife exploring sites such as the dense Yala,
Wilpattu and ancient Minneriya.

Romantic Serendipity

Sri Lanka is always considered the ideal holiday destination. With sandy beaches on the country’s edge and the gorgeous highlands up hill, Honeymooners find this place a paradise. Yet we all know the perfect luxury romantic experience comes with a relaxed mind. Ananka Holidays offer you Romantic Serendipity, the perfect luxury Sri Lanka experience which includes spa sessions, romantic candle lit dinners and destination sightseeing. No more stressing about your Honeymoon.

Specialised Tours

Golf Tours

Are you seeking for a laid back, relaxed vacation? Why not visit Sri Lanka and have the hill country luxuries of Golfing and tea? Sri_Lanka_Ananka_Holidays_Special_Packages_Golf_Beautiful_Courses_LuxuryAnanka Holidays presents a specialized tour for you to enjoy some golfing time away from home and visit the hill country of Sri Lanka…  Remember you can taste some of the best tea in the whole world.

Ayurvedic Tours

A vacation to Sri Lanka is a journey filled with tranquility and relaxation. The mesmerizing Ayurveda sessions are infused with real Sri Lankan essence. Sri_Lanka_Ananka_Holidays_Spa_Luxury_Herbal_treatments_Ayurvedha_bliss_mind_body_Soul-HealWith Ananka Holidays Ayurvedic Tours, you get to experience this ancient relaxation technique, scenic sites and scrumptious cuisines that solely redefines intimate holiday vacations. The Ayurveda vacation rejuvenates you, beautifies you and ends the tour with a whole new you.

Ananka Holidays for that perfect holiday experience and exceeding service standards. Give us a call on 1300 675 574 or email us at to plan your next luxury holiday to the magical Island of Sri Lanka.

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