10 Reasons to visit Sri Lanka

Posted on May 3, 2017

There are over thousands of islands across the ocean, with lovely beaches, tropical nature, and many other reasons to adore, yet the gorgeous pearl of Indian Ocean is rather different. Its uniqueness lures in people from all over the world.

Check out these fascinating reasons that’ll make you pack your bags and take the next flight to Sri Lanka.

You never stop falling in love with the beaches

As a tropical island, Sri Lanka possesses stunning beaches all over the island. Galle Face Green with its urban treats at the West, Mirissa and the vibrant nightlife towards South and Nilaweli’s romantic intimacy offered at the East. The coppery sand beaches are a real winner In Sri Lanka. Remember to create the best beach holiday experience ever.

Get in touch with that Wild side

The island is famous for beaches, but it offers more than that. When it comes to Wilderness, Sri Lanka is always on the top. Vastly spread across the islands are dense wilderness parks and nature reserves. A tropical-glimpse at Sinharaja rainforest, Minneriya Elephant gathering, Leopards in Yala and Safari tours around Wilpattu are few of the wild adventures you can experience in Sri Lanka.

The Yummy food is everything

Sri Lankan food is one of the famous reasons to visit Sri Lanka. Due to the cultural diversity, Sri Lanka presents a diverse range of dishes that will blow your mind. While the food is not overly spicy or hot, it gives the perfect balance in every taste aspect.

Have you tried ‘Aappa’? This coconut milk crepe snack is loved by all Sri Lankans. It is served with a chilie onion sambol which lights up the palate. Grab one of these while you roam around the city at evening. Also remember to taste a ‘Kottu’, it’s definitely is a treat!

Train Rides are perfect            

Don’t compare train rides in Sri Lanka to those of India. Although trains could be packed up on certain peak hours, overall the ride is satisfying.Sri_Lanka_Ananka_Train_Ride_Scenic_Ella_Kandy_Nuwara_Eliya_Nine_Arches_Little_England_Misty_Mountains_Cold Try to avoid those hours to get the perfect seat, to gaze upon the most perfect sceneries. Especially if you are riding up the hill or along the coasts, the beauty is utterly amazing. One thing though on long train rides especially to the tea country it may be not easy to get your hands on First Class tickets, so we suggest using a travel agent who can do this for you.

Adventure right at your fingertips

Just as the island offers many options for relaxation, it does show off its choices for adventures. Hiking up the hills, Trekking through enchanting Ella, Hot air ballooning at dawn and tackling rapid waters at kitulgala are just a few adventures you can try while in Sri Lanka. It maybe so that this emerging destination may give a goof fight for the likes of Bali and Thailand for the thrill seeking traveller.

Tea Pioneers – Ceylon Tea

Sri Lanka of-course is the birthplace of the ever famous Ceylon Tea. Everyone enjoys a cup of original Ceylon Tea while in Sri Lanka. Remember to hike up a lush tea plantation at early morning, visit a tea estate, and experience the magic first hand.

Little England is right here

Located thousands of miles away from England, this secluded city in the hill side of Sri Lanka is called Nuwara Eliya. Resembling a similar weather to England, this town was the British colonizers’ getaway which then reminded them of home. The colonial architectural bungalows and the misty surroundings makes it feel like you stepped into a time machine that brought you back to the 19th Century. Well, Nuwara Eliya has one of the oldest golf courses in the world and best part is that it is magnificiently beautiful.

Diversity of History and Culture

Sri Lanka is a diverse country blessed with various culturSri_Lanka_Ananka_Cultural_Triangle_Sigiriya_Anuradhapura_Polonnaruwa_Buddhism_Culture_History_Heritagees and traditions, making it one of the most culturally mesmerizing countries in the whole world. A written history that dates back to almost 2500 years, mysterious legends that might’ve been true, Sigiriya the palace on the skies and Anuradhapura the first kingdom of S
ri Lanka is some of the mind tingling interests while here. Sri Lanka is also famous for the world’s oldest tree;
one that Lord Buddha himself rested on.

Sri_Lanka_Ananka_Culture_Masks_Interesting_Devil_Evil_Chase_FunAyurveda wellness, Surfing and Partying

The magical surfing waves at Eastern Arugumbay and serene intimate coasts at Hikkaduwa and Mirissa lure in beach lovers from all over the world. Take your day time off to hit an Ayurveda spa, Sri_Lanka_Ananka_Spa_Ayurveda_Treatment_Healthy_Natural_Beauty_Relaxing_Herbal_Yogasooth your nerves, lay at a tropical beach sipping a king coconut letting the sun rays soak into you. Partying usually begins with sun down so get your moods up and running.

Don’t forget the kind Hospitality

Sri Lankans are known to be some of the most kindest and hospitable people in the whole world. As you touch down to the island, the first sights would be the warm smiles. You have no doubt heard how amazing the people in Sri Lanka are, don’t believe us? Well, pay a visit and see if first hand!

Here we are folks, ten reasons for you to visit this tiny paradise that we call Sri Lanka. Have a look at our packages and see what suits you best or just give us a call on 1300 675 574 or an email at info@ananka.com.au for our friendly service.

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